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If you happen across a link that relates to the bus industry that is not listed here, send us an e-mail to webmaster@motorbussociety.org. We will be glad to add such links after the sites are reviewed by the MBS Web Site staff.

Disclaimer:  Links to the web sites shown on these pages are for information purposes only.  The Motor Bus Society does not specifically endorse any one site over the other.  If you wish to have your site listed on these pages, please contact the MBS webmaster at webmaster@motorbussociety.org

While every effort is made to check these links for availability and content on an ongoing basis, the Motor Bus Society is not responsible for the content or availability of third-party material. (NOTE: Yahoo GeoCities is notorious for reassigning some of its URL's to other pages! This situation is clearly beyond the control of MBS. If you find a bad link please report it to us.)

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