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Motor Bus Society Conventions

Tentative Locations through 2027


Udpated Locations & Dates as of February 2022


Spring Conventions

 Fall Conventions

2022 Washington, DC

April 28-29-30-May 1  (4 days)
Chicago, IL

October 13-14-15-16 (4 days)
2023 Metro NYC/NJ Area
75th Anniversary Convention

April 27-28-29-30 (4 days)
San Diego-Orange Co., CA
with APTA Expo
October - Dates TBD
2024 Toronto, Canada

April 18-19-20-21 (4 days)
Pittsburgh, PA

October 17-18-19 (3 days)
2025 Jacksonville, FL - Savannah, GA - Hilton Head, SC

April 24-25-26 (3 days)
Calgary/Edmonton, CA

October 9-10-11-12 (4 days)


Minneapolis, MN

April 23-24-25 (3 days)

APTA Expo Host City

Dates - TBD


Indianapolis, IN

April 15-16-17 (3 days)


Locations & Dates - to be announced during 2025

Note: The locations and dates are subject to change at any time.